Course Reviews

Course Reviews

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Nat’s Virtual Beer School has been absolutely superb – if you enjoy beer, but want to learn more about it in a really fun and interactive way, then I would massively recommend this course. Nat is such a fantastic communicator – she has a boundless enthusiasm for her subject and a serious knowledge of “all things beer”, which has made each week’s online tutoring, beer tasting sessions and follow-up discussions such a pleasure.” – Virtual Beer School attendee, December 2020

“The course is incredibly flexible and well organised. Nat couldn’t make it easier for people of all levels of beer knowledge to access the vast wealth of content included. It is also a course that caters well to a variety of learning styles with both written, audial and visual elements involved.” – Virtual Beer School attendee, March 2021

“I learned so much! Natalya’s style of teaching and related course materials are clear, informative and fun! I have loved being exposed to beer styles that I previously might not have gone for and so have found some new ones that I will continue to explore.” – Virtual Beer School attendee, March 2021

“I really enjoyed VBS. Nat is very knowledgeable and has a great way of teaching. The course also allows the opportunity to meet like-minded people, many of them highly knowledgeable professionals in the beer industry. Great course, great teacher and great value for money (and great fun too).” – Virtual Beer School attendee, March 2021

“Thanks Nat for a great beer learning experience. I really looked forward to the session each week, and you have really helped with the knowledge needed to pass the exam.” – Virtual Beer School attendee, June 2021

“Fantastic course! I’ve been exploring beer for a while now, but after this course I have a much better understanding of the language of beer, where flavours in beer come from, and the huge variety of styles of beer which exist.” – Virtual Beer School attendee, June 2021

“It really has not just been money well spent but a fantastic social experience as well! Even though I work in the industry within a brewery there really is something for everyone of all experience levels whether you are just getting into beer or have been a lover of beer for many years. This provides you with a solid foundation from which to not only broaden your own horizons but to set you up with the knowledge you need to take the certified beer server exam… This is a wonderfully in depth but relaxing course to do and Nat’s presentation both to everyone in person and on paper is fantastic. Highly recommended!” – Virtual Beer School attendee, June 2021

“Virtual Beer School was a fun, entertaining and, importantly, educational and informational course that I would highly recommend to anyone interested in beer, either for your own personal knowledge or to further your career in the brewing or hospitality industry. Nat was incredibly knowledgeable about beer styles, the serving of beer and beer history. I definitely believe I came out of the other end with a far more in depth understanding of beer!” – Virtual Beer School attendee, June 2021

“Brilliant course, and excellent value for money. Was always impressed by Nat’s depth of knowledge about beer and how she is able to answer any question that’s thrown her way, no matter how niche they are! Passed the CBS exam the day after the last session! Unfortunately due to work and having to go back into the office I had to miss a few of the Zoom sessions towards the end but appreciated the recordings being posted, and listened back with a beer. Thank you Nat!” – Virtual Beer School attendee, April 2022

“A great course which was insightful educational and thought provoking in equal measure. Natalya is an excellent tutor. Would highly recommend.” – Virtual Beer School attendee, April 2022

“The course has been a wonderful opportunity to find out about a much wider range of beers and the fascinating history of their development… It’s also been brilliant to be part of a group of people who are so interested in beer and from so many different walks of life. Perhaps one of the most amazing bits for me has been the guided tasting. I am really looking forward to ‘geeking out’ with friends and family every time we drink together now.” – Virtual Beer School attendee, September 2022

Virtual Beer School gives everyone the opportunity to learn more about beer and show what they know.

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