Course Syllabus

Virtual Beer School: Level 2

A 12-session live, interactive online prep course for the written portion of the Certified Cicerone® exam. The next course begins on September 5th, 2022.

Course Syllabus

September – November 2022

The Certified Cicerone exam covers the the following five knowledge areas:

  • Keeping and Serving Beer
  • Beer Styles
  • Beer Flavour and Evaluation
  • Beer Ingredients and Brewing Processes
  • Pairing Beer with Food

Virtual Beer School uses the International Syllabus from the Cicerone Certification Program for reference. All topics will be covered, however, they will not be covered in the order of the syllabus.

Find a weekly breakdown of the topics to be covered below:

Session 1: September 5th – Beer Ingredients and Brewing Processes: Ingredients

Session 2: September 12th – Beer Ingredients and Brewing Processes: Processes (“Milling” thru “Chilling”)

Session 3: September 19th – Beer Ingredients and Brewing Processes: Processes (“Aeration and pitching” thru “Packaging and pasteurisation”) 

Session 4: September 26th– Beer Styles by Region: England (8 styles)

  • Styles include: Ordinary Bitter, Strong Bitter, English IPA, Dark Mild, English Porter, Foreign Extra Stout, Old Ale, English Barleywine

Session 5: October 3rd – Beer Flavour and Evaluation

Session 6: October 10th – Beer Styles by Region: Scotland and Ireland (4 styles); Belgium and France (4 styles)

  • Styles include: Scottish Light, Scottish Heavy, Scottish Export, Irish Red Ale, Oud Bruin, Belgian Dark Strong Ale, Belgian Pale Ale, Biere de Garde

Session 7: October 17th – Pairing Beer with Food: Vocabulary and Concepts

Session 8: October 24th – Pairing Beer with Food: Interactions; Creating a pairing; Designing a meal; Classic pairings; Cooking with beer

Session 9: October 31st – Beer Styles by Region: Germany and Austria (10 styles)

  • Styles include: Vienna Lager, Festbier, Munich Dunkel, Schwarzbier, Rauchbier, Dunkles Bock, Eisbock, Dunkles Weissbier, Weizenbock, Altbier

Session 10: November 7th – Keeping and Serving Beer: Purchasing and accepting beer; Draught system principles, components, and design

Session 11: November 14th – Keeping and Serving Beer: Draught system troubleshooting and maintenance; Other draught service practices 

Session 12: November 21st – Beer Styles by Region: USA and Other regions (9 styles)

  • Styles include: American Lager, Specialty Beers (7), Baltic Porter

Course Review: November 28th – Optional

Virtual Beer School gives everyone the opportunity to learn more about beer and show what they know.

Online beer education brought to you by Natalya Watson, award-winning beer educator, Beer Sommelier & Advanced Cicerone®.

Virtual Beer School is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Cicerone Certification Program.